A Weekend With Dad

On Friday, Dad came to visit me. I was very excited, because my dad lives in Colorado. We shopped and had dinner at Applebees in the University Mall. The next day, Saturday, we got up around 6:45 in the morning to go fishing. We fished from 7:00 to 1:30. Guess how many fish I caught. I caught around 35 fish. And I also caught a bullfrog. He was a scrawny little thing ( don’t tell him I said that) and very quick. I had to fail about 10 times before I caught him. After fishing, we had lunch at Quiznos. I had a ham and cheese bullet (a bullet is the size of a sub). When we were done eating, we headed to Barnes¬†& Noble. After that, we went swimming at the hotel pool. After a while, we got cold and went back to the hotel room and took showers. When we were both done with our showers, we taught Gradma Kay (Dad’s Mom) how to play Bejeweled 2. I’ll teach you how to play later ūüôā¬† Then we had dinner at Friendly’s and then we went to bed. When we woke up the next morning, we had breakfast at Sneakers (unbelievably giant and VERY filling). Afterwards, we hiked down to the Winooski River. Grandma Kay sighted an otter. We stepped on the rocks jutting out from the river. we saw a millipede. Did you know that the difference¬†from¬†a millipede from a centipede is not the number of legs at all but that a millipede has pairs of two for legs whilst a centipede only has one leg per leg.¬†Dad and I found a log that was wedged and sent it down the river. It only made it about 6 yards before it got wedged again. Then he had to return me to Mom because he had to leave. It made me sad that he had to go. He’s really fun. All in all, I had a Supexsometic time with Dad and Grandma Kay.¬†¬† ūüôā

Rainbow Colors

To me, colors are beautiful. Especially rainbows. I love rainbows. Rainbows are pure beauty. Beauty can capture you, as it does to me, beauty can do many things. But, sadly, some people are immune to beauty and cannot see the pureness, the trueness of bliss and sweetness. I made a slideshow about the colors of the rainbow (click on the link below):


Colors of the Rainbow 

The link takes you to Microsoft Powerpoint. Go to the slideshow tab on the top of the screen and click on it. Once you have clicked it, press “From Beginning.”¬† It will then play.

State House

¬†At school, we went to the Vermont State House up in Montpelier for a field trip.¬†First we went to the Rock of Ages.¬†¬† We visited the quarry and our tour guide told us that¬†the quarry was 600 feet deep. 600 feet deep!¬† He also said that is was the deepest and biggest in the world. The quarry uses dynamite and giant extremely powerful saws to get the granite out of the ground. We got to see a dynamite explosion!!!¬†¬† It was so cool!¬† We also got to¬†go bowling on a granite bowling alley that the workers built!!¬† It was fun, even if¬† I got a gutter ball. ūüėź We also got to take pieces of free granite home. I took a lot ūüôā¬† After visiting the Rock of Ages, we went to the State House!¬† We learned how a bill is made into a law and who Agriculture is. We saw the Senate Committee and the House of Representatives. We saw the Peter Shumlin’s (the governor)¬†office too, except we learned that he was not in and he is only at his office when a legislature was going on.¬† He lives in his own house.¬† And finally after we visited the State House, we did a scavenger hunt at the historical¬†museum.



State House

10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

Bet you¬†didn’t know:

1. When I was young, I wanted to marry my mother.¬† ūüôā

2.  When I was a baby, I hated rides in the car. 

3.  My favorite color changes every week. Currently it is gray.

4.   My favorite number changes every month. Currently it is 36.

5.   My favorite song changes every 3 months.  Currently it is Love Story by Taylor Swift.

6.¬† When I was in 3rd grade, I didn’t know how to work a computer¬†or type!¬† :0

7.¬† When I was in 3rd grade, I didn’t know Taylor Swift exists!!!!!¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† :0

8. I get all excited and happy and get chills and get overexcited when something good happens.¬†¬† ūüôā

9.  Whenever I have free time to waste, I think.

10.¬† When I was young, I would build houses and leave notes for the fairies. ūüôā¬†¬†¬†


I hope you enjoyed reading these eccentric confessions. Please leave a comment on them!!!!!


Life’s Happenings

I have been thinking and this occured to me:¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†You know, when we sit down and go over what we really know and have done in the past, including ¬†what we will do when that thing comes around again down the road; we never think about why that happened, what life did to make that happen which made the next thing happen, which made the next thing happen. You see, all of our happenings and what we did in the past, they all relate to one another. If something happened at home or something just plain happened and I get angry, or sad, or have a feeling that makes me want to do some thing to someone, then I stare someone down, then one of their friends will tell me things I get angry about, and¬†I know it is all my fault that that happened. And then later I stare someone down again and then I remember that¬†it could turn out like the last one did and it could happen all over again. It all works together.¬† It is all linked in some way. I never know what could happen down the road because of the choices¬†I make every day. Because, if you actually think about it, then it all comes down to one word: choices. Choices that you make every day determine what will happen in the future.¬†¬† Your future is up to you, and every second you use up, you have made a choice.¬†We are constantly at crossroads, even when we¬†do not realize¬†it. Right now you are making a choice by reading this post.¬†¬†¬† And later you could talk to someone about it and they could talk to there friend about it and they could sneer and come back at you and act as though something impossible is possible and who knows what next.¬†¬†¬†Think about, one millisecond ago is the past. Think about it,¬†the next millisecond that hasn’t yet gone by is the future. And think about it, the current millisecond is the present.¬†Time goes in different waves than we expect. Life goes differently than we predict.¬† Maybe if all of us think, we could possibly prevent things that might happen to us, or, if we really pay attention to thinking, we could prevent things that would happen to the world.¬†¬† All we need to do is pay attention. We need to slow down and think before we act.

Spring Breeze

Cool wisps,

Of a spring breeze,

The sun



Down on your back.


The wind,

Bringing with it

Songs of color and life,

Love and sorrow,

And beauty,

Riding on the cool breeze,

That cools the atmosphere,

And brings life,

To the seasons.



the life

the beauty,

of looking forward,

to the things you know lie ahead.

You must prepare for changes,

prepare for beauty,

prepare for special occasions.

you must prepare for life itself.



all of us do the art

at some point 

in our lives.

Prepare for

the time you know is ahead.

Prepare yourself,

for the Darkest Hour,

prepare yourself,

to becoming aquainted

with the pure beauty,

of your surroundings.


You must,

prepare for life itself.

Migratation: People

In the Blogging Challenge #7,  the challenge was to write a post about migration: How people migrate. So this is my post: 

Let me tell you my story:


¬†I was born in Virginia. My family moved to Vermont when I was 3 months old.¬† I can only faintly remember¬†those moving boxes. And from our house, I can only remember the Living Room.¬† Now my sister is born and I think about what it was like for me to be a baby like that. Oh, and I remember the hospital room too, but that isn’t what we are talking about. I wonder what she thinks and why?¬† Babies are very special and unique, but the problem is that all the people who are trying to figure out the answers to the questions about babies like the ones I told you about above and many others, is that we were once babies and we never will be again. We knew the answers to all those questions when we were babies ourselves, but now that we are older and no longer babies, we will never know what ran through our head spefically. Moving changes many peoples lives and it sure changed mine.

Migration: Animals

In the Student Blogging Challenge # 7, the challenge said to write a post about animal migration. So this is my post:

¬†Animal migration is a beautiful part of nature. I don’t know how animals can tell when the seasons end and begin, but I think it is an amazing thing.¬† In my area (as it said to write about in the blogging challenge), many finches come and go. They feed off our thistle seed as frequently as twice¬† every day, dawn and twilight. They come at spring and begin to fatten up. ¬†And then when fall ends and winter sets in, they all disappear.¬† they must all know that it is time to go someplace warmer because it cold in the northern places. And then they come back every spring. I love the American Goldfinch. And the Cardinal.¬† Migration is a beautiful thing.